Body fat scales:everything you need to know

Body fat scales, do they work? The answer is yes! Just like a regular bathroom scale, a body fat scale provides information about your weight as soon as you step on it. A regular weighing scale shows the number of your total body weight in kilos or pounds. But it lacks indicating the fat, muscle, bone or water percentages. A body fat scale provides you with more detailed information about your body weight. Losing weight can be confusing at first, as many people lack the knowledge about this topic. How is it possible that I do not lose weight while my body fat percentage decreases? Once you understand your body a body fat monitor can help you to improve your health and help in losing weight. 

What is a healthy body fat percentage?

There is a difference between the average body fat percentage for men and women. We hate to break it to you but there is not one general healthy body fat number. Women have, and also need a higher fat percentage than men. Besides that, it depends in what condition your body is. Are you a couch potato or are you in the gym five days a week? Body fat percentages between 25 and 31 percent are considered as healthy for women. For men a healthy body fat percentage should range from 18 to 25 percent. Exceeding these percentages can be bad for your health. Tanita body fat scales are easy to use and give you exact details on your body fat. But that's not all. As more metrics are important for improving your fitness, it's more than a body fat analyzer alone.

Losing weight by monitoring body fat

body fat monitor can be interesting for people who want to lose weight or improve their condition. The detailed overview can work as a motivator at one end and as a wake-up call at the other. A body fat scale provides a clear and accurate overview of your body composition. This can be helpful while losing weight. With more insights and data you'll be able to lose weight in an effective manner. Monitoring your body composition should be done in different stages of your fitness journey. When people train and adjust their eating patterns, the body fat percentage will decrease. Yet, this does not mean that you will lose weight. If you train your body, your body will produce more muscles. Muscles are also responsible for your weight only this is a good thing! With a body fat scale or body composition monitor you can keep track of these developments. This will also help to get rid of any frustration when the number is not going down.

Body fat analyzing vs body mass analyzing

Body fat is not the same as body mass. The majority of our body consists of water, muscles and fat. The body fat percentage is a number that indicates how much fat your body holds. Our BodyPedia Smart Scale give you an exact number every time you step on them. The body mass index (BMI) is an indicator whether a person has a healthy weight. But, with BMI the focus is on the entire weight instead of the different components. In fact, the BMI does not tell you anything about body fat. To generate the BMI there are two factors that come into play: weight and height. With a body fat scale we can also get an overview of your body composition. Which gives us the ability to keep an close eye on our fitness progress.

BodyPedia Smart Scale

BodyPedia Smart Scale has been proved to be the first accurate smart scale for body compositions. It can help you target improvement areas, develop effective training, adjust diet, set attainable goals and track changes of body composition over time for success.

Do you want to increase your health and lose weight?

A BodyPedia Smart Scale is an accurate and simple way to start this journey.  

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