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    BodyPedia Smart Body Analyzer

    Get a smart body scan to enhance your daily health routine

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  • opump breathing trainer

    OPUMP Smart Breathing Trainer

    A powerful breathing trainer to train your respiratory muscles and slow lung aging

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  • oriori smart hand trainer

    ORIORI Smart Hand Trainer

    Advanced technology to measure grip strength and train hands in gaming ways

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Start Your Health Journey from Knowing Your Body

Unlock your body secret and develop healthy habits from a breath, a grip, a step......

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    Empower the quality of life in a smart way.

  • Knowledge of Your Body

    Know your body to love it in the right way.

  • Effective Natural Solutions

    Take control of your health in a natural and easy way.

  • Smart Health for Home

    Get the body you want at home.

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BodyPedia | The Best Smart Scale in the World

Truly Know Your Body

BodyPedia smart body anaylzer, the portable professional body composition analyzer, makes it possible to get real body metrics at home. 

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Breakthrough Technology

Breakthrough Technology

SAY NO TO Empirical estimation

Simultaneous Multi-frequency Impedance Measurement (SMFIM)
Direct Segmental Measurement Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-MFBIA)

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Discover Wellness Innovations

  • 1. OPUMP Smart Breathing Trainer

    Adopting cutting-edge MEMS thermal film sensor, OPUMP measures vital capacity, and personalize breathing training courses and fun games to strengthen your respiratory muscles and increase lung capacity.

  • 2. BodyPedia Insulin Pen Cooler

    Patented Physical CoolingTechnology,BodyPedia Insulin Pen Cooler keeps insulin at the best temperature to maintain its bioactivity, and not cause pain at too low temperature while injecting.

  • 3. Oriori Smart Hand Trainer

    Oriori is the smallest and smartest hand trainer to measure grip strength, provides training courses tailored to your body and fun motion-sensing games to help you gain strength in a fun way.

OPUMP Smart Breathing Trainer
BodyPedia Insulin Pen Cooler
ORIORI Smart Hand Trainer



One Tree for One BodyPedia

Thanks to our partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, a tree is planted when you place an order in our store.

  • BodyPedia | The Best Smart Scale in the World
  • BodyPedia | The Best Smart Scale in the World
  • BodyPedia | The Best Smart Scale in the World

BodyPedia Reviews

  • The most versatile segmental scale for this amazing price! In comparison with products that cost well over €1000,- it is almost as accurate.

  • I like the ability to see your body type so you can work towards the right goal. Also know the real fat percentage. Over the years I always measured almost obese but I’m sure I’m not, I have lots of leg muscle and no device unless is a dr office could tell me the right data.

    Jose Soriano Covello
  • ORIORI hand trainer sets new standards for our common way into a new digital age with the possibility to perform hand therapy in the clinic, in the subway, at home, on vacation and at any other place in a controlled, simple and fast way.

    Rainer Zumhasch
  • I’ve been using OPUMP for 4 weeks now, and I should say it’s amazing work for my lungs!

    Steven Milo
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