The Best Smart Scales To Track Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage And More

Get an in-depth look at your body just by stepping up to the plate

Stepping on the scale is traditionally a fairly simple affair. You step on, rub your eyes in disbelief at the number given, and step off already mentally knocking a couple of kilos off the weight shown for reasons that seem entirely justifiable at the time.

The scales of today, however, go well beyond basic weight measurements. They can also tell you how much of your body is fat, muscle, water and bone. They can even recognise which member of your household is stepping on the scales and beam your results to an app.

This is all valuable information because trying to be healthier is about much more than simply losing weight – which doesn’t take into account the muscle you might have gained through exercise, or whether you’re actually shredding fat as the kilos drop off you. Admittedly, smart scales are not 100% accurate, but they’re useful to show changes over time – certainly more so than those that measure your body mass and nothing more.

“Changes over time” is the key phrase to remember when using scales of any type. If you’re weighing yourself every day, or even multiple times in any given day, your readings are likely to get skewed by fluctuations in weight that are due to short-term factors like a big lunch or being dehydrated rather than actual changes in your body composition.

If you’re in the middle of an intense training and diet plan with the aim of losing weight, stepping on the scales once a week is a good approach. Try to weigh yourself under similar conditions each time – on the same day at around the same time, with similar clothing on. There’s no way to completely remove short-term fluctuations from the picture, but after a couple of months of weekly weigh-ins, any upward or downward trends in your body composition should be clear.

Knowledge is power. To know your body is the first step to stay healthy. To get an in-depth understanding of your body in your bathroom,you can get yourself a BodyPedia Smart Scale to help you. BodyPedia Smart Scale has been proved to be the first accurate smart scale for body compositions. It can help you target improvement areas, develop effective training, adjust diet, set attainable goals and track changes of body composition over time for success.

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