Strength Measurement and Strengthening Training in Hand Rehabilitation

Strength Measurement and Strengthening Training in Hand Rehabilitation

In the past, different steps had to be performed for the evaluation of hand strength by means of a hand dynamometer for the fist grip and by means of a pinch gauge for the pointed grip (2 devices).

hand dynamometer

Subsequently, specific hand strength training was performed through various media. There are countless different training devices on the market for this purpose. The problem here is that, on the one hand, every therapist chooses different media according to his or her preferences and there is therefore no uniform training method.

On the other hand, the control is very difficult, because the patient himself must document his daily training by hand, which will be the case in the rarest cases. Also, selective hand strength measurements have to be performed again and again, and a direct progress control often turns out to be very difficult. These aspects alone make an optimal therapeutic procedure, e.g. after hand operations, therapies for rheumatoid arthritis, neurological diseases, very difficult with regard to an evidence-based therapy success. Regardless of these aspects, the therapist has to buy many different devices, which causes high costs.

grip strengthener

Oriori smart grip strengthener is an optimal measuring device and also complex training device of the future in one device = All in One. 

oriori grip strengthener

It offers the possibility of specific strength measurements of finger and fist strength of the hand, extensive strength training with control function (daily training modules and serial recordings of progress data from the user), extensive playful coordination training as well as the possibility of a gentle relaxing vibration massage. The training ball is small and handy packed in a small transport bag and is executed via Bluetooth through an app using iPad or smartphone. This allows all functions to be used at any place and time. All functions etc. are in German and is suitable for Android, Apple and Huawei operating systems.

grip training

The Oriori smart grip strengthener is designed "at the same time" for primary strength measurements or the training and strengthening of the finger, thumb and hand muscles. The fun games and exercises allow revitalizing muscle movements or optimizing coordination in a fun way. A final massage functions with gentle vibrations helps to relax the muscles afterwards or even after stronger everyday stress. Thus, this device offers optimal conditions for targeted measurements and a simultaneously feasible hand and finger strength training at any location with easy documentation of a velocity control. Thus, the patient can also quickly see progress in his therapy and motivates him to continue training. Also the playful aspects help the coordination, but are also a good distraction from the disease and thus also contribute to pain reduction. Thus the Grip Ball contributes to optimal hand rehabilitation after various operations of the hand, in the sense of rheumatoid and arthrotic processes or also with neurological illnesses.

Thus oriori grip strengthener sets new standards for our common way into a new digital age with the possibility to perform hand therapy in the clinic, in the subway, at home, on vacation and at any other place in a controlled, simple and fast way.



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