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ORIORI Grip Strengthener

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ORIORI Grip Strengthener is the smartest hand grip training device and hand dynamometer in the world.  It can accurately measure the grip strength, record the grip strength data, and personalize grip strength training plans. There are also motion sensing games to make the grip strength training more fun.

    ORIORI Smart Hand Trainer
    ORIORI Smart Hand Trainer
    ORIORI Smart Hand Trainer
    ORIORI Smart Hand Trainer
    ORIORI Smart Hand Trainer
    ORIORI Smart Hand Trainer

    Stronger Hands linked to a Healthier Heart

    The PURE study published on The Lancet showed grip strength was a stronger predictor of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality than systolic blood pressure. Each 11-pound decrease in grip strength over the course of the study was linked to a 16% higher risk of dying from any cause, a 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease, a 9% higher risk of stroke, and a 7% higher risk of heart attack.

    Test Grip Strength & Train to Gain Strength

    Motion Sening Games for Fun & Health

    • hand grip game

      Grip for Hand Health

      Easy games for daily grip training to improve grip strength, hand health, heart health and mental health.

    • motion sensing game

      Play for Forearm Workouts

      Wave the Oriori Grip Strengthener to unlock new playing way, enjoy the motion sensing games for stronger forearm muscles.

    • hand grip

      Hand-eye Coordination

      Oriori Grip Strengthener also helps improve your hand-eye coordination while playing game.


    What's grip strength?

    Grip strength basically tells you how strong your forearm muscles are. It is an indicator of muscular strength, representing the maximum force or tension generated by the forearm muscles. This metric serves as a valuable screening tool for assessing both upper body and overall strength. Its effectiveness is heightened when repeated measurements are conducted over time to monitor performance trends.

    Why your grip strength matters?

    A strong grip is tied to a LONGERand HEALTHIER life.

    • Higher handgrip strength is associated with lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood), lower blood sugar, and higher HDL (good) cholesterol. - A study of American Journal of Preventive Medicine
    • The findings show that every 5kg decline in grip strength was associated with a 16% increased risk of death from any cause; a 17% greater risk of cardiovascular death; a 17% higher risk of non-cardiovascular mortality; and more modest increases in the risk of having a heart attack (7%) or a stroke (9%). - The study, published in The Lancet

    What's the average grip strength for males and females?

    Average grip strength for male and female differs from ages.

    Learn more about grip strength norms.

    How to improve grip strength?

    There are 3 major types of grip strength you can improve.

    • Crush: This refers to the strength of your grip using both your fingers and palm.
    • Pinch: It refers to how firmly you can pinch something between your fingers and thumb.
    • Support: Support refers to how long you can hold onto something or hang from something.

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