Body Composition: How To Improve It?

A healthy body means a healthy and luxurious lifestyle. Being fit is never out of trend and this trend should never go off. One thing which overall determines your health is your body composition.

You might have heard about body composition in your science class. It is highly crucial to manage and balance your body composition. It shows how healthy you are by breaking down all the core components. What exactly is body composition? How to measure body composition? Why is body composition so important? How can you improve your body composition? 

We got all your questions resolved in this article. Read on to learn more about it! 

Meaning of body composition 

Body composition is what consists in your body as mass, body fat, and other non-fat mass. In simple words, it is a method of separating the body components i.e., fat, protein, minerals, and body water.

It is a fat percentage of your body and depicts it in a more precise way. To have a better peek at your overall health, body composition is used than other traditional methods. 

It is also an analysis that can accurately show the change in your fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. Here is the ideal body fat percentage: 

  • Fit woman’s body fat: 21-24%
  • Fit man’s body fat: 14-17% 

Measure your body composition

Knowledge is power. To know your body is the first step to stay healthy. You can get yourself a BodyPedia Smart Scale to help you. BodyPedia Smart Scale has been proved to be the first accurate smart scale for body compositions. It can help you target improvement areas, develop effective training, adjust diet, set attainable goals and track changes of body composition over time for success.

Factors which affect the body composition 

Sometimes your body composition is affected by the things which aren’t in your control and sometimes it gets affected by your own lifestyle mistakes. Here are the factors which can affect your body composition: 


As you grow older, your muscle mass gradually decreases which results in a slower metabolism and a poor body composition. However, if a person maintains their weight with sufficient weight training, they can manage their body composition even when they grow old. 


Hormones are something which depends on how good or bad is our lifestyle. Hormones are responsible for water retention and affect your body composition.

Balanced weight and good lifestyle habits can help balance the hormones pushing your body composition on track. 


Genes play an important role in body composition. The capability of retaining fat and it’s storage depends on how healthy your genetics are. This is something that is not something under your control.


Scientifically, women tend to have more body fat than men. That is why an ideal body fat percentage of a fit woman is higher than a man. 

Improving and maintaining body composition 

For having a healthy life, improving and managing your body composition is very important. An ideal body composition not only keeps you energetic but also poses long term health benefits (even in old age).

Especially for women, the hormonal change and pregnancy can drastically affect the body composition and it’s important to improve and maintain it. Here’s how: 

Have a nutritious and balanced diet

Your body composition is all about body weight and muscle mass which depends on the food you eat.

Having a nutritious diet that includes protein, less fat, plant-based foods, nuts, and vegetables to keep up with your body composition fitness. Consume fewer calories and more fiber and minerals to keep yourself fit. Here are a full-proof guide low carb and high protein diet

Do regular physical activity

This is the most important thing to do if you want to have a proper body composition. For obese people, doing regular body composition exercises is the best way to improve it.

Eating fewer calories and focusing on body composition fitness is the best way to balance it. Further in the article, you will find some best body exercises for body composition fitness.

Make healthy lifestyle habits

A poor lifestyle causes poor body composition. Apart from nutritious food and body composition fitness, having a proper lifestyle habit is also good for maintaining it.

For example, having good quality sleep, reducing the consumption of junk food, cigarettes and alcohol will help manage healthy body composition. 

Best body composition exercises 

Looking for some amazing and best body composition exercises? We’ve got a small list ready for you! 

Interval training

Interval training is considered the best exercise for achieving weight loss. It can help you attain ideal body composition. It includes exercises that can elevate your heart rate and burn calories for a long period of time.

It includes intensive physical activity with short intervals. Nothing is better than interval training if you are looking for the best body composition exercises.


Burpees are really something if we talk about losing those calories. If you wanna add something to your body composition exercises list, do not forget burpees. It helps strengthen the whole body.

Likewise, it is a great cardio exercise so it keeps your heart pumping and those calories jumping out of your body. 


Squats are one of the best body composition exercises. Plus, it improves the flexibility and stability of your lower back and hips which can help in improving your muscle mass.

There are many variations of squats, you can do this exercise intensively like jumping squats or squats with weights to make your heart rate elevated and calories burning. 


Situps are great for weight loss. It works on your abdomen as well as your muscles including chest, hips, lower back, and neck.

Muscle mass is an important component of body composition. Your muscles burn calories even when they are at rest and situps can help you build a healthy muscle mass. 


Plank is an intense and one of the best body composition exercises. It works on your core and abdomen making your muscles and spine strong.

It can not only tone your muscles but help them burn a lot of calories for a long time. Adding this exercise to your body composition fitness routine may help you achieve a healthy body composition. 

You can make a whole fitness routine by combining these five intense exercises

This was all about body composition, meaning, factors affecting, and ways to improve it. Ideal body composition is very crucial for your health and gives you long term benefits. Having a healthy lifestyle, diet and regular physical activity is the key to ideal body composition.

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