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The World's First

Most Accurate - 97% correlation to Gold Standard (DXA).

First scale can measure Body Circumference, Waist-hip Ratio, Segmental Lean, Segmental Fat.

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The Only Smart Scale Tells You Truth.

Most scales lie to you with empirical estimation under the cloak of BIA technology.

Some use one low frequency to measure the lower part of your body and speculate the whole-body results; others just guess the data based on the weight and heigh you input.

BodyPedia is here to change it!

The Most Accurate Smart Scale

Measure Body Circumference

Segmental Analysis and Obesity Risk

It tells you your muscle and fat distribution of each segment of your body, as well as the actual obesity index and your body type.

BodyPedia, Your Health Power

BodyPedia, your body encyclopedia, is the key to decode your body’s message, helps you understand your body and discover your true self.

Keep learning about yourself together with continuous updating BodyPedia App.

Less is More

Perfect chamfering, trapezoidal structure, hidden handles, and detailed design embody the minimalist aesthetics.

Unique hidden handle design

Elegant hidden LED display

Launches in Kickstarter

BodyPedia officially release on Kickstarter now, you can subscribe to get the early bird price, also you can lock in the super early bird price for $1. The price is only valid on Kickstarter.

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